"Late Life is a specific and special time of aging, and elders and their families need to engage this time more fully, consciously, practically, and successfully. Slow Medicine is not a plan for getting ready to die; it is a plan for understanding, for caring, and for living well in the time that is left."

-from My Mother, Your Mother


Get advice from Dr. McCullough on important slow-medicine topics, support associations, plus links to his favorite web sites and tools. These key websites will lead you to a wealth of others through their "links".

Slow Medicine Websites and Resources

CSU Palliative Care on Twitter Look for Dr. Dennis McCullough and Slow Medicine during his visit to the Palliative Care Institute October 2013

Palliative Care on Facebook Look for Dr. Dennis McCullough and Slow Medicine during his visit to the Palliative Care Institute October 2013

"What Does it Mean for Caregivers That People are Living Longer and Facing More Health Care Decisions Than Ever?" by Dr. Dennis McCullough The keynote address at the Bowls of Care event sponsored by ServiceLink and Elder Services of Community ActionProgram Belknap-Merrimack Counties in New HampshireArticle in the Concord Monitor"

Video of Dr. McCullough's "Slow Medicine" presentation in San Diego, CA Oct 23-24, 2013

Sterns: Living Longer | Vermont Public Radio April 23, 2013 - by Kathryn Sterns quotes...geriatrician Dennis McCullough, who traced the arc of his mother's end-of-life care in his book "My Mother, Your Mother: Embracing "Slow Medicine," The Compassionate Approach To Caring For Your Aging Loved Ones"

Slow Medicine could have benefits, Wit and Wisdom by Martha Bauman Article promoting Slow Medicine in New Hampshire SentinelSource.com"

New You Tube video "The Slow Medicine at Kendal model - a teaching video featuring Dr. Dennis McCullough and Slow Medicine.

Italian Slow Medicine Website (www.slowmedicine.it/) Look for the English pdf

Dr McCullough's interview on "Slow Medicine" translated into Portughese on the Brazilian website revista vivasaude. Remember to scroll down to find the article.

Dr McCullough on dementia

Video of One Familys Story Dr. Dennis McCullough speaks with a family dealing with their issues and emotions about aging and Slow Medicine. Part of Vital Pictures, A PBS documentary, online and engagement project aimed at creating conversations and action to productively shape America as an aging society.

"Slow Medicine" With Dennis McCullough, M.D. Maine Seniors Magazine, Spring 2012 Select Read Magazine, then click on the word Enlarge or the right arrow key that will appear when you run the cursor over the photo of the current issue. Move to pages 26 and 27 for this article. Note: If the current issue is not Spring 2012 you will need to move to the bottom of the page and look through the Issue Archives for Spring 2012.

Dr. Dennis McCullough - "Medication Use in Late Life and at End of Life: A Slow Medicine Approach" Journal of American Society on Aging, Feb 16, 2012

Carol McShane - Slow Medicine (http://real.unl.edu/programs/emeriti/) University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Scroll down to Carol's video discussion of Slow Medicine, and Dr. McCullough's book "My Mother, Your Mother"

Restoring the sacred to aging, medical decision-making, and dying in a technical age. (http://Katybutler.com/slowmedicine/index.html)

Spreading Independence-One Ramp at a Time (www.amramp.com/enews-june-11)
June e-newsletter. See "Slow" Approach to Determine Care for Aging

National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (www.caremanager.org)
Site to locate professional care managers throughout the country and to learn how care managers can help

Information and Resources For Care Managers (www.caremanagement.com)

Geriatric Nursing Resource List (www.guidetonursingschools.com/library/geriatric-nursing) for those currently working in the field and for those preparing to take their certification exam. Will also be of interest to those wanting to promote quality healthcare for senior citizens

The American Geriatric Society (www.americangeriatrics.org)
Use the "patient education" and "health links"

American Geriatric Society Foundation for Health in Aging (www.healthinaging.org)
See the "Eldercare at Home" guide

The American Association of Retired Persons (www.aarp.org)
Broad range of health and aging resources and links

Family Caregiver Alliance and National Center on Caregiving (www.caregiver.org)
Useful information on caregiving issues

National Family Caregiver Association (www.nfcacares.org)
Excellent support resource

National PACE Association (www.npaonline.org)
To locate PACE programs

Official Medicare website (www.cms.hhs.gov)
Start with the more readable Medicare and You Handbook

American Academy of Family Physicians (www.aafp.org)
Use "patients" tab and then go to "seniors" section for medical information

American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (www.aahsa.org)
Use "Aging Services: The Facts" and "Consumer Information" for housing and services information

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (www.caringinfo.org)
Family and patient education and resources

National Institute on Aging (www.alzheimers.org)
Addresses Alzheimers comprehensively

Thoughtful Caregiver (thoughtful-caregiver.com)
Caregiving for the spirit

Thoughtful Caregiver Daily Meditations (thoughtful-caregiver.com/2008/03/)
Encouragement and wisdom for those who provide care

Assisted Living Directory (assisted-living-directory.com)
Assisted Living Facilities Information & Senior Care