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Vacation Preparation: Ensure Safety and Convenience on Your Next Trip

Dealing with the pandemic can be mentally and emotionally draining, especially because of the protocols that encourage people to stay home. Limiting activities outside the home definitely helps protect you and your family from catching the virus. However, staying cooped up indoors can affect your health and overall well-being. Aside from dealing with stress and

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COVID-19 and Pets: Can the Virus Infect Your Dog?

Time and again, we’ve been informed that the virus that has plagued us for about a year now has been linked to animals. And if you own a dog or other pets for that matter, that’s highly-likely to carve a scowl on your face. You could be worried about your furry friend’s safety. What’s stopping

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Experiencing Motherhood: How Full-time Moms Can Start a Home Business

Women are known to have the flexibility of adjusting their lives to fulfill various responsibilities and obligations. This is especially true for moms because they need to change their lifestyle to take care of their family, especially their kids. Some of them even decide to quit their day jobs so they can fulfill their obligations

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Achieve Overall Wellness With These Five Simple Health Hacks

These difficult times are the perfect wake-up call for everyone taking their health and wellness for granted. We learned just how crucial it is to start living a healthier life. If we want to reduce our risk of getting incredibly sick due to the virus, then it becomes a must that we do everything we

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Is Healthcare Compassion Dead? Here’s the Truth

Compassion is often viewed as a rare trait in this modern world. While many people admire those who show compassion, pure and unadulterated kindness has become rare and hard to find. This is mostly because people tend to take it for granted. In a journal published by Research Gate, compassion in healthcare is vital because it

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