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5 Tips to Feel More Confident as a New Mom

Trust your instincts to understand your baby’s needs best and boost confidence. Seek support from friends, family, new mom groups, and classes. Spend time on yourself for self-care and to be more present with your baby. Celebrate milestones, big or small, by cherishing the moments, sharing stories, treating yourself, and reflecting on progress. Address post-pregnancy

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Outdoor Activities for Healthier Mothers

Outdoor activities, including walking, hiking, and gardening, allow mothers to de-stress and improve their physical health. Yoga can promote mindfulness and relaxation, while gardening provides a sense of accomplishment and a healthy environment. Water activities like kayaking and canoeing enhance coordination, provide unique experiences, and foster family bonding. Cycling is a fun, low-impact exercise that

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How to Prioritize Your Child’s Wellbeing During Divorce

Prioritize your child’s welfare when going through a divorce. Understand the potential impact that divorce can have on children. Seek legal help if necessary to ensure your child’s wellbeing is taken care of. Put your child’s needs first and aside any animosity you may have towards your spouse. Maintain a stable routine and keep communication open with your child. Divorce is

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strawberry fruit

What Does a Strawberry Plant Look Like?

There are 3 strawberry varieties: June-bearing, ever-bearing, and day-neutral strawberries, and each comes with a unique set of features. A strawberry’s life cycle includes seeding, germination, sprouting, seedling, flowering, fruits, runners and ends with mature plants. Learning about strawberry plants helps you grow your strawberries better and ensures you troubleshoot pests or other growth hinders.

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Tooth pain in woman

Understanding Periodontitis: Impacts and Strategies for Prevention

Periodontitis, a severe gum disease, can lead to tooth loss and affect other body parts. It’s linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory diseases, arthritis, and pregnancy complications. Bacteria from plaque buildup cause periodontitis and can increase with high blood sugar levels or smoking. Symptoms may include red, swollen gums, bad taste in the mouth, and

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New Mom, New House: How to Manage a New Family Home

Organization, such as labeling and scheduling, is essential for efficiently managing a new family home. Regular maintenance, including focusing on critical areas like the roof to avoid major repairs, is important. Home automation systems can make daily tasks easier with smart appliances, lighting, thermostats, and security. Asking for help from friends and family provides a

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