Running on stairs

Effortless Movement: Choosing the Right Outfit for Walking

There are all kinds of exercises that you can do, and they vary in difficulty. If you want a simple one that lets you work out your whole body, then maybe you can consider walking. You can do it around your neighborhood, and you won’t have to strain your body so much. Choosing the right

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video call

How to Look Good During a Video Call

As the current circumstances of the world grind everything to a halt, many activities have had to go virtual — from business meetings to dates. Many people now have to dedicate most of their time to sitting in front of a webcam. With this new state of affairs comes a new set of concerns. One

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Recycling symbol on white wooden wall background.

Recycling and Art: A Match Made in Heaven

So you have finished your senior year and are looking for some meaningful things to do before stepping into college. If you hail from one of South East Asia’s most beautiful destinations, Thailand, gap year programs are offered through various universities. You most probably have a good resource for that with the school you recently

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video call

How to Efficiently Run Your Business from Home

If you’re one of the millions around the world affected by the quarantine, you’re probably spending most of your time at home too. If you’re running a business at the same time, there can be a lot of challenges. Thankfully, information and communication technology has progressed in a direction that allows for a more fluid

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Healthy food

Your Short Guide to Setting up Your Spouse for a Healthier Lifestyle

They say weddings are both fun and stressful. The couple has to do the planning and budgeting and make sure everything is in order before the wedding date. But if you think all your problems will end after preparing for the wedding, trying on different wedding dresses, and going through the ceremony on the big day,

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