Preparing Your Teen for International Education

Your teen might have gotten the rare opportunity to study abroad. It could be a fruition of your many years of planning and saving. There are also instances when their local university grants scholarships to deserving students. Another reason for such a break is a relative who showed a willingness to fund your child’s studies.

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Mom DIYs: Your Ultimate Guide to Designing Eco-friendly Bedrooms

Let’s not forget. We are all children of Mother Earth, all over 7.6 billion of us, no matter the country, no matter the language. Having an eco-friendly bedroom, therefore, is paying homage to our planet. It’s ensuring that we do our part in keeping our environment as sustainable and as safe as possible. But an eco-friendly bedroom

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Turning Your Passion for Fashion into a Business

To spend time doing something you love brings an unbeatable sort of fulfillment. You’re keener to improve, learn, and make things better, especially if it’s something as important as a business you invested money, time, effort, and emotions in. Today, no hobby can’t be turned into a source of livelihood. Fortunately, people are innovative when it comes

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Self-care on a Budget: 4 Tips for Spendthrift Moms

Being a mom is a full-time job with no vacation or sick leaves and any time-off benefits. At least, not until your children can confidently stand on their own two feet. When you have kids that you have to take care of day-in and day-out, it’s like second nature to put their needs before yours.

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Raising a Happy Family: Transforming Your Home into a Sanctuary

Homeowners often aim to build and design an elegant and aesthetically-pleasing residential property. Some believe that having a visually-appealing home can provide them and their loved ones’ feelings of happiness and contentment. This may be true at some point, but you need to remind yourself that having an impressive-looking house is not enough to build

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How To Protect Yourself From Environmental Allergies

Allergies are more common than you think. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, around 17 percent suffer from allergies. That’s around 50 million with people. If you live with allergies, then you’re probably familiar with the symptoms. You can experience skin rashes, a runny nose, and swelling. In some cases, exposure to

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