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Your Short Guide to Setting up Your Spouse for a Healthier Lifestyle

They say weddings are both fun and stressful. The couple has to do the planning and budgeting and make sure everything is in order before the wedding date. But if you think all your problems will end after preparing for the wedding, trying on different wedding dresses, and going through the ceremony on the big day,

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Relaxing Things You Can Do for Your “Me” Day

Self-care is a crucial part of life for anyone to get by healthily and be able to pursue their goals. If you don’t dedicate some time to give yourself space to recharge, it can affect your wellbeing negatively and put you at risk of burning out and being ineffective with the activities that you do

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Couples’ Backpacking Trip 101: Making it to the End in One Piece

5 Tips to Get Through a Backpacking Trip with Your Other Half in One Piece So you’re planning to go on a backpacking trip with your other half? Make sure you have all bases covered so you both make it in one piece. Manage expectations As romantic as the thought of going backpacking with your

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Eat Your Way to Healthier Teeth

We all know that sugar is not your teeth’s best friend. What your child eats can affect his dental health. Too much sugar from cookies, chocolates, candies, milk, and cake can lead to tooth decay. Refined carbohydrates from chips, bread, pasta, and pretzels are also to blame. How long they stay in the child’s teeth

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Choosing the Perfect House Plant According to Your Blood Type

Taking care of a house plant is not easy. Each kind demands different levels of care, attention, and responsibility for it to grow happy and healthy. The trick is picking the right species that fits your schedule and personality. But where’s the fun in choosing a succulent plant right off the bat if you’re a

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international airport

The Innovative Future of International Airports

Before budget air travel became the norm, airports were unique places. With flights being expensive, it was reserved only for the middle class and above or those with very infrequent special trips. Now, taking a plane is as normal as taking a long-distance train journey. But the airports themselves were drab, lifeless structures with the

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