How to Avoid Bingeing While on Vacation

While 2020 has definitely made it harder to travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the new year brings new hope as vaccines become within our reach. If you are one of the people who had traveling plans that were postponed, you might be thinking of pushing through with it this year. Traveling around the world

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The Future Today: Travel Pointers After the Pandemic

Many of us long for a time when the pandemic will have claimed the health of its last patient, thereby ‘releasing’ everyone from their quarantine. For sure, things will never be the same after it. Many of the same regulations for avoiding the outbreak of disease will be in place, and people will have to

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7 Things Women Wish Men Knew

There are two kinds of men in the world: one who thinks he’s got women all figured out and one who has absolutely no clue what’s going on. Most, if not all, men go crazy trying to figure out what’s going in inside a woman’s head. There has been a constant pursuit of seeking and

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How Renovation Can Affect You and Your Child’s Health

One of the biggest concerns that a growing family has is home renovation. Couples, whether they’re newly-married or already raising a small family, could find it overwhelming. For young parents, they often need to consider several things that could affect the growth of their children, especially if they’re buying an old house. For those who

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How You Can Trim Your Kid’s Hair Like a Pro

Cutting your own locks is certainly not an easy task. But cutting someone else’s hair, say a fidgety toddler, is definitely more challenging in the middle of a global health crisis. Don’t fret. You can tame your kid’s stringy ends and overgrown mane. Here are simple tactics to help you do the job faster and

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