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How to Keep a Healthy Mind and Body amid the Pandemic

What does healthy mean for you? Nowadays, being healthy is almost the same as being COVID-19-free. The pandemic has changed almost every aspect of the way we live—from working, studying, and even socializing. The outbreak of the COVID-19 paved the way for increased reliance on technology. Since working and studying have become virtual, people stay

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How 3D Printing Is Changing the Face of Medicine

3D Printing is making its mark in the medical world — most notably in Utah. The state is one of the first to adopt the technology, and even its citizens are making use of 3D printers to make the world a bit better. 1. Protective Gear Provo-Orem residents 3D printed hundreds of protective gear for

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What Makes Antarctica the Weirdest Place on Earth?

The coronavirus is not present in Antarctica. It’s so isolated that the rules that are supposed to protect us from the deadly virus that’s seemingly everywhere don’t apply there. There are not enough people, movement, or intake of new residents to endanger the people who are already in there. This is just one thing that

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Macrame For Your Home Design and Gardens

Home and garden decorating isn’t just a weekend project you can tackle with the family. It’s an opportunity to make a unique background for the best life you can have. Adding decoration throughout your property can be life-enhancing, making barbecues more fun, children happier, and leave guests at ease. A great way to spruce up

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Lung Capacity: Increasing Your Endurance and Core Strength

Exercise, sports, and almost any physical activity that we partake in will usually involve strength, agility, and stamina. When we’re warming up for specific exercises, we typically stretch our muscles while doing some simple workouts to ensure that oxygen can easily get to these muscles. As things heat up, our breathing picks up the pace

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Guide to Maintaining a Senior-Friendly Home

If you have an aging parent living with you, it’s vitally important that your home is safe and comfortable for their senior needs. There’s always the option to arrange for your parent to settle in an independent living facility, but if that’s not amenable for any reason, then you can just make the most out

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