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Being a woman is far from easy. It is especially true if you are in a committed relationship with a partner and children involved. In many cases, women do most of the work but get little credit for it. Still, this doesn’t mean she can’t do anything about it. There are simple hacks for all

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Pampering Your Pet with These D.I.Y. Crafts

Pets are man’s best friend. Your furry pal gives you a sense of happiness that no other person might ever be able to offer. Just being there gives you an instant serotonin boost that lifts your mood every time you find yourself in a rut. Even though they don’t seem to do much, we rarely acknowledge

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Advantages for Children Who Grow Up with Pets

Every kid at some point has begged their parents for a pet, which isn’t surprising since around 67% of US households own a pet, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Most parents likely worry about the added responsibilities and financial obligations that come with a pet. But did you know that simply having

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Bedtime Problems: Putting a Restless Child to Sleep

Children are naturally full of energy and are curious about their environment. Since they’re at an age where they should be exploring and having fun with friends, many parents want their children to play and enjoy their time. Since children have a lot of energy to burn, they can sometimes be a bit harder to

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Fun Activities to Do on Mother’s Day

In just a few weeks, the whole world will be celebrating Mother’s Day once again. Just in the U.S. alone, people are planning on spending $28 billion for this year’s Mother’s Day celebration. This figure is a considerable increase from the $14.6 billion expenditure in 2010. While it might sound cliche, the best gift you can

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I’m a Cool Parent: Room Decorating 101

Retro hobbies have been making a comeback since the start of the global health crisis in 2020. Knitting, baking bread, vegetable gardening—these hobbies have been a trend in the past year as we have been trying to survive the loneliness of the quarantine period. Since the retro vibe has been making waves even on TikTok

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