memory lane

Memory Lane: Better Preservation of Memorabilia and Collectibles

Great moments may be experienced for a limited span of time, but the memories last forever. For people who enjoy items such as collector’s editions of toys or obscure records, there is a need to preserve better and take care of them. These objects that were popular back in the day are now considered to

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dad spending time with kids

Four Important Considerations When You Are Writing for Kids

Maybe it’s been a dream of yours to write a children’s book. You feel like you a lot of creative and quirky ideas you’re sure kids will love. Now is the right time to start writing it. However, you should not underestimate writing children’s materials. It can be difficult, depending on the genre you are

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fans in concert

Concert Connoisseurs: Fangirls, Fanboys, and All the “Feels”

It’s been your lifelong goal to collect the entire discography of your favorite boy band or girl group. You buy every version of whatever album, single, or EP they release, and you make sure you get all the other “perks” that come with them (stickers, posters, member’s cards, and of course, those “hi-touch” passes). Every

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woman suffering from heel pain

Common Foot Conditions That Cause Heel Pain

Most people spend their workdays on their feet. Those who mainly sit when working have started running or walking to boost their health. Both groups of people, however, suffer from heel pain to varying degrees. Unfortunately, most of them assume this is a temporary condition that can be remedied by foot massages or dipping them

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Tricky Ways on How You Can Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

When it comes to interior design in Utah, people typically invest more in their living rooms compared to other parts of the house. That’s because this room, along with the dining room, are the places where the guests are entertained. But for some people, there is only a limited amount of space in their living

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